Rogue Slalom Trucks 2020


Ordering Will Resume Early November!


Adjustable 106mm – 116mm Slalom Rogue Hangers

50° Front Baseplate – 20° Rear Baseplate

– Green 93a High Performance Formula insert bushing included in the hangar controls slop for a precise, predictable ride.
– Graphite-Impregnated 93a Venom pivot tubes for smoother turning and initiation.
– Front: 73a Light Pink Venom Tall Barrel Bushing Roadside, 78a Blue Venom Tall Barrel Bushing Boardside
– Rear: 95a Glow in the Dark Venom Tall Barrel Bushing Roadside, 97a Pink Venom Tall Barrel Boardside,

The highest performance racing truck on the market is back. Proven on the race track under 2019 World Champion Harry Clarke, and runner up Daina Banks: the Slalom Rogue has returned to dominate in 2020. Now with some crucial updates like matching baseplate heights, champion gold colorway, structurally redesigned hangers, and 20° baseplates. Rogue is ready to go for 2020!