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Billet V3 Freeride

Billet V3 Freeride


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    Introducing the Rogue Billet V3 Freeride! An approachable all-mountain performance truck that is equally comfortable on mountain roads as it is on slide hills. The V3 is our modern take on the original Rogue design.

    The updated hanger comes in at 145mm wide adjustable out to 155mm. Matched with a moderate 4mm axle rake, tall 0.75” bushings, and our proven urethane insert bushing design, the V3 is a playful Freeride truck engineered for maneuverability and sliding.

    Available in any combination of 50°, 40°, and 20° baseplates. Each baseplate option comes prepped with individually tuned Venom HPF Tall Barrel Bushings so they're ready to go out the box.

    Billet V3 components are compatible with all previous Rogue baseplates and hangers except ZM1s.


    Full Set Includes

    • Adjustable 145mm – 155mm Rogue Billet V3 Hangers
    • 50°, 40°, or 20° Front Baseplate
    • 50°, 40°, or 20° Rear Baseplate


    • Green 93a High Performance Formula insert bushing included in the hangar controls slop for a precise, predictable ride.
    • Graphite-Impregnated 93a Venom pivot tubes for smoother turning and initiation.
    • 50° Baseplate includes Venom Purple 87a HPF Tall Barrel Bushing Boardside, Yellow 85a HPF Tall Barrel Bushing Roadside.
    • 40° Baseplate includes Venom Green 93a HPF Tall Barrel Bushing Boardside, Purple 87a HPF Tall Barrel Bushing Roadside.
    • 20° Baseplate includes Venom Pink 97a HPF Tall Barrel Bushing Boardside, Glow 95a HPF Tall Barrel Bushing Roadside.
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