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Gold Slalom

Gold Slalom


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    The Rogue Gold Slalom truck changed the game and defines the category when it comes to slalom-style downhill setups. The original Rogue Gold Slalom design features an aggressive steering geometry with 8mm rake and a 50-degree, 20-degree baseplate split. But is still manageable for open road riding with the use of tall bushings and hanger insert bushings. 

    The Rogue Gold Slalom truck has two distinct hanger designs. The front truck utilizes our classic axle placement with 8mm of rake. Giving it an incredibly quick and responsive feel when diving into hairpins, but is not overbearing when it comes to tight situations when skating open roads or in tight race heats 

    The Rear truck also comes with 8mm of rake, and a heavy geometry overhaul. The rear hanger is structured around the new Rogue Trailing-Link axle design, which places the center of the axle behind the center of the bushing seat. A huge step in little-truck hanger geometry that maximizes grip when cornering or pumping, and amplifies stability in high-speed situations.

    This special mix of geometry designs matched with our tried and true insert bushing, and tall bushing urethane designs, have enabled the achievement of radically precise and consistent performance for downhill riding. Additionally, they're compatible with all previous Rogue precision and cast baseplate options.


    Full Set Includes

    • Adjustable 106mm – 116mm Slalom Rogue Hangers
    • 50° Front Baseplate
    • 20° Rear Baseplate


    • Green 93a High Performance Formula insert bushing included in the hangar controls slop for a precise, predictable ride.
    • Graphite-Impregnated 93a Venom pivot tubes for smoother turning and initiation.
    • Front: 73a Light Pink Venom Tall Barrel Bushing Roadside, 78a Blue Venom Tall Barrel Bushing Boardside
    • Rear: 95a Glow in the Dark Venom Tall Barrel Bushing Roadside, 97a Pink Venom Tall Barrel Boardside.
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