We’re back.

It may have seemed quiet over here, but actually it’s been a busy few months of developing and testing. We took some time off to dial things in behind the scenes to make Rogue bigger and better for the upcoming season. Focusing our priorities to refining things on the production side, perfecting our designs, and polishing our manufacturing processes. Rogue is returning to the scene with new products, stable inventory, new media, and more. We’re back.

Designed for maximum traction using real world research and development, the highest performance racing truck on the market is now back in production. Pulling from both his slalom championship roots and his downhill World Cup background, Zak Maytum has developed a track-focused, dual-purposed truck designed for taking trophies on cone courses and big mountain downhill races. Proven on the IDF World Tour circuit under 2019 World Champion Harry Clarke AND runner-up Daina Banks, the Rogue Slalom truck is here to dominate now with few essential updates.

In 2020, we are introducing a new 20º baseplate to the lineup. The 20º plate offers similar stability to the old 15º, but with significantly more maneuverability. Overall ride height has been decreased, and all baseplate angles now have matching ride heights. Finally, the structural redesign of the hanger and axle combination gives us nearly 20% increased strength for only a 1% increase in weight. A crucial update for the rigidity of the a big mountain skateboard truck. Oh, and the only color option is gold. In celebration of team rider Harry Clarke’s World Championship season!

Limited Quantities Available